Mating-behaviour of
simple-structured quadrupeds.
Kathmandu/Nepal 2002
There are situations which grow beyond their original purpose. Somebody brings an arm-chair to the shore or somebody nails up a shopwindow with boards, a metal barricade sinks into the tarmac or two old shoes are left on the pavement - there are always reasons why. Somebody had a plan and created facts. Things were stored away, covered, left standing around or perhaps even decorated. There are situations where passing by I cannot see what the intentions had been. But these are exeptions. Everything would remain in the realm of the 10000 things and purposes if there wasn't the viewer or rather a mental attitude which is able to perceive the facts beyond their intended nature. All these situations contain a little of the freedom we are usually talking about in terms of "sculpture". Intended arrangements can turn into nonintended sculptures. What catapults them out of their original purpose, touches us as something absurd, kitschy, futile or wretched. A kind of failure leads to a successful "sculpture". Or something misfitting, awkward, neglected. For me as a passer-by (- that's all I am in this moment and all I would remain if I hadn't a Minox-camera in my pocket -) these situations blast their original purposes and thus create space, necessary space for stories, comments, the games of the mind.
A few steps downhill
behind this bakery we had to
cross a wabbly wooden bridge.
Kalopani/Nepal 2002
The confusion of mankind
in its self-created system.
Figueira da Foz/Portugal 1997
To be present in the everyday life
of the humans,
the gods are not afraid
to use materials of inferior quality.
Pai/Thailand 2004
Did God too wipe the sweat
off his brow after
he had completed creation?
Rumbach/Germany 2003
The curtain has been dropped
and the actors have gone.
The only thing left
is a drapery of ghost-like beauty.
Lauenburg/Switzerland 1999
At a dull day like this
citizens think they are liable
to park their thoughts right here.
Offenbach/Germany 2004
Everybody finds his place in space -
but according to which rule,
we cannot see.
So we talk in terms of "random".
Sirmione/Italy 1996
In view of such freedom and
skills of choosing the right media,
all I could do is bow silently
and move on.
Stranraer/Scotland 1997
Guarded by the herd
a peaceful rest is possible.
Connemara/Ireland 2003
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